Paradise City, Texas
Paradise City, Texas
Paradise City, Texas
Paradise City, Texas
Paradise City, Texas


Paradise City


Paradise City is in Wise County, Texas. Paradise residents love outside the city limits. Flat terrain and rolling hills, abound with native trees such as Pecan, Cottonwood, Mesquite and Oak, surround the city of Paradise. Four miles away from the city is the Trinity River, which is one of the major rivers in Texas. The city covers a total land area of two square miles.

Paradise was Wise County’s largest city during the 1800s. IT had two hotels, a cotton gin and a bank.

In the 1900s, urbanization in other cities pulled Paradise’s population down. However, the city’s

unique peaceful and charm continue to attract middle aged and retired citizens.

Majority of the residents are white, while Native Americans, Hispanic and Latinos make up a small percentage of the population. The major industries in Paradise City include construction, excavation

and water and oil well drilling. The fruit planting sector is also a busy market since the sandy soil of Paradise make it ideal for growing peach and watermelon.

Paradise City is home to the Paradise Independent School District, which covers Elementary, Intermediate, Junior High and High education. The public school is noted for its award-winning

marching band which has around sixty members.


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